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well now, it seems you want to hear more about my adventures; that's nice, thank you!

in return, i would love to know a bit more about you. you don't have to tell me everything, and i promise to not share any of your personal information with anyone, ever. the more you tell me, though, the more I can make sure I'm sending you relevant information - like when I'm coming to your location, or what kind of news might interest you specifically. 

you can also follow my journey via Facebook or Twitter. and if you like what you read, please share it with your friends so they can be kept updated too.

have a nice day, wherever you are, fee.
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this silly form asks for ALL your details, but really i just want to know a rough location. feel free to just say 'country' and 'city' or 'region' and put 'xx' for the rest
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